How to Properly Cite Your Essays as a Student

If you use someone else’s work for an image then you must give them due credit. If you reproduce it by hand or using graphics software it is the same as if you printed, scanned or photocopied it. You must cite and reference the work as described in this guide. If the image is something that you have created in an earlier assignment or publication you need to reference earlier piece of work to avoid self-plagiarism. If you want to annotate information to improve upon, extend or change an existing image you must cite the original work. However, you would use the phrase ‘adapted from’ in your citation and reference the original work in your reference list.

Some software may not even have either a source code repository or a version number. In this case, such information as the download location and date become more important. In contrast, some software may be used as a service (e.g. a web service or RESTful end-point) rather than being downloaded and installed on a researcher’s desktop. Finally, the software may not be accessible online but only via an e-mail to its author in which case the access date and contact details of the author become important.

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See for example, “Publish or be damned? An alternative impact manifesto for research software”. If a reviewer disagrees with a formal software citation, topic and controlling idea examples you can still make a general reference to the software in the paper. There is no information on how to access the code developed by the authors.

You can see an example of a short citation in this sample text on Cite Them Right Online. You can view more examples in this sample text with MHRA referencing in Cite Them Right Online. Ensure that the footnote number in the text is placed at the end of a sentence, after the full stop. In Word for Mac, go to the ‘View’ menu and click ‘Print Layout’. In your document, click where you want to insert the note reference mark. Word will automatically assign it a number in superscript and create the corresponding footnote at the bottom of the page. Analyses of the way that organisations may function in particularly conservative ways .

MHRA basics: 1 creating footnotes and bibliographies

The Internet has become an increasingly popular medium for the publishing of academic material. As with written documents, all online example of outline for essay sources must be properly referenced. Place this part in your bibliography or reference list at the end of your assignment.

  1. This easy-to-access information is super useful for school and life.
  2. Analyses of the way that organisations may function in particularly conservative ways .
  3. The good news is there’s clear guidance on how you should reference your website sources, depending on which style of citation you’re required to use.
  4. There is more information on using your reading and developing your argument in the Reading at university and Academic writing pages.
  5. Please refer to our copyright guidance and ask for further assistance if you are unsure.
  6. The bibliography needs to be arranged alphabetically by author surname, so always reverse the name of the poet in the bibliography reference, e.g.

It is a list of the documents from which any direct quotations or examples have been taken. The first time you refer to the text, create a footnote which includes the full reference as normal. The next time you mention thematic essay examples the same work in your text, just provide the relevant line numbers or page references in round brackets () after the quotation or mention. You may also use a shortened form of the title as in the example below.

Writing about others works: using direct quotations

The use of material found at is free provided that copyright is acknowledged and a reference or link is included to the page/s where the information was found. Material from may not be sold, or published for profit in any form without express written permission from Universities use anti-plagiarism software to quickly find plagiarised work. This software usually draws on huge databases of web sources, books, journals and all previously submitted student work to compare your work to so you will be found out. The other option is to arrange it with the brief citations in the table. The full references would go into your reference list at the end of the work in the same way as Method 1.

how to properly cite a website in an essay

You should include the year of publication or a more specific date if appropriate, for journal or newspaper articles/stories. For webpages look for the when the page was last updated. Use the reference list at the end of the source you are reading to find details of the reference how long are essays and search for it using the search boxes below. If the journal is ONLY available online, you should include the DOI or the URL in the full reference. Online-only journal articles may not have page numbers or reference numbers, or pagination for each article will begin with ‘1’.

Verbs for citations APA style

In fields such as science and medicine, there may be a long list of authors. In these cases, it might be acceptable to reference the first author followed by et al., but it’s best to check in advance. For a start, Harvard reference lists are in alphabetical order. The Student Company, they should be listed using the first proper noun of the name e.g. If you want to cite this source, you can copy and paste the citation or click the ‘Cite this Scribbr article’ button to automatically add the citation to our free Reference Generator. For example, the fourth source you cite in your paper is numbered .

See the guidance below on how to reference a play in your footnotes and bibliography. ending an essay with a question Are those of fewer than forty words or two lines of verse.

Dealing with prose quotations

This copyright note should be added to the image caption along with the citation. The reference at the end of the work would be as recommended for a book reference in our general referencing guide. If the image is taken from another work (e.g. book) it should be treated and cited as part of that book . When the name of an author or authoring body is not shown, cite the reference by its title and the year. A full reference to each citation must be included in the bibliography.

how to properly cite a website in an essay

You can cite different parts of the source each time by adding page numbers [4, p. 15]. Websites and webpages often don’t list a specific author. When this is the case, you can begin the citation on the IEEE reference page with the title of the page, omitting the author element. For some sources, especially websites, the name of the author may not be known. In such cases either use the organisation name or the title of the document or webpage. Tables should be sequentially numbered in your work with the title above the table – as in the following example in the Harvard referencing style. When referring to the table in your writing use the table number.

Citing and referencing images

If this is the case use the organisation (e.g. BBC) in place of the author. If a website has no discernible author or organisation you may want to strongly consider whether it is suitable for inclusion in a piece of academic writing! Again it is probably best to check with the person who will be assessing your work, if you find yourself in this situation. Any quotations used should be relevant to the argument you are making. Short quotations (1-2 lines) can be set in quotation marks and included within the body of the text.

If you are not on the University network, you may need to login in via your institution for full access. Typically, the references of all your citations are collated at the end of a piece of work.

The top five: 3 Chapter in an edited collection

List legislation used in your assignment alphabetically by first significant word in the short title. For example, this sentence in an essay would not require a footnote as it clearly indicates the legislation being discussed. Your bibliography should start on a new page at the end of your essay. Short quotations can be anything up to 40 words and are enclosed single inverted commas. C. J. Atkin, in a recent article called ‘Busy Old Fools’ in Essays in Criticism, discusses Donne’s ‘The Sun Rising’, relating it to several aspects of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

  1. Take care to use credible sources with good quality information.
  2. Some paper authors may only be interested in the algorithm implemented by the software, others in the implementation itself, but this may not always be clear from the paper.
  3. If you create an original illustration or a diagram that you have produced from your own idea then you do not have to cite or reference them.
  4. The bibliography needs to be arranged alphabetically by author surname, so always reverse the name of the first author in the bibliography reference, e.g.
  5. An interesting aspect of the MLA guidelines are that URLs are discouraged due to their tendency to break.

If there is no author, you can include the operator of the website and the name of the domain instead.

A good guideline is “did the software play a critical part in my research?” or “did the software provide something novel?”. The other packages listed are all needed to use OGSA-DAI, but don’t directly contribute to the novelty of their work. This content is not recoverable; it cannot be linked or retrieved. There is no published source that you can reference directly. Instead you would give an in-text, ‘personal communications’ citation, as described in part 15 of our ‘Write a citation’ guidance . This type of citation includes the author details followed by (pers. comm.) and the date of the communication. A detailed description of how to use MLA 8th edition has been produced by the School of Art which should be referred to by students in that department.

  1. In your bachelor´s or master’s theses, as well as other pieces of academic writing, you must ensure to only cite websites with academic content!
  2. If you can’t get hold of the original source you’ll need to do a secondary reference and you should make clear that you are not using the original source.
  3. If the work has two authors, include all names in your citation.
  4. Lithograph on hot pressed rag paper, 1993, School of Art Gallery and Museum, Aberystwyth University.
  5. Every source of information used while completing an academic writing project have to be cited.
  6. However, just as with traditional sources, any website you use while researching and writing must be properly referenced.

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