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His personal finance column appears on the sites of more than 100 regional and community banks. The Ideas scanner will help you to quickly reduce thousands of stocks into a manageable amount for your trading day or watchlist. I also like the fact that a rolling 60 days of data is used.


“This is an older version of our software. We recommend our HTML5 page or our download for most desktop users.” This has multiple strategies combined in one window is very useful for quickly spotting a breakout or breakdown. It also is useful to indicate intraday buying and selling pressure. With our Price Action Pattern Indicator for Ninjatrader, you can scan for the five patterns below. Alexander Elder used an EMA and the MACD indicator in his Impulse System to determine market momentum. I use the concept of Bollinger Bands to find trading days with extreme volume.


In fact, we use trade ideas daily for our trading activities. If you’re looking for our handpicked day trade and swing trade watch list check out our officialstock watch listpages. It makes a difference if you focus on stock trading, options trading, or other financial instruments. The market conditions, the time you have throughout a trading day, and many other aspects influence the results you can have as a swing trader with your swing trade activities. Price swings after a stock recommendation can be remarkable, and not every strategy can be copied.

Stock Rover Built-In Research Reports

Some of my favorites are the Patterns, Social Media Stream and Extreme Up/Down Move Greater than 3% in First Fifteen Minutes. While these may seem a bit complex, they are some of the best set-ups for my momentum trading style. If you need help with learning the ins and outs, you can check out our live streams and join us in our new and improved chat room.

The Premium plan includes the Oddsmaker, which is a backtesting functionality. This tool is ideal for traders who wish to optimize their strategies before entering trades. This tool estimates profit probability based on historical data. You can modify the entry and exit criteria and other parameters to see how this impacts expected profit and confidence levels. It is straightforward to set the conditions and interpret the results visually.

  • Holly also analyzes the market for volume-driven trading opportunities.
  • It is user friendly and simple to use, plus the signals and trade ideas that it provided were of excellent quality.
  • Each individual equity report includes a detailed evaluation of a wide array of investing factors and more than eight pages of in-depth analysis.
  • One of its outstanding features is the ability to map and compare economic indicators with a company’s financial indicators to see how a company has performed in various economic conditions.

And of course, it’s possible to develop a personalized watchlist immediately you have the scanner’s built-in features doing the heavy-lifting for you. Most stock screeners use trading databases that are a day behind the market, but Trade Ideas uses real-time data feeds to keep users informed with up-to-the-second market intelligence. I have been using and seeing the progress of this technology for well over the course of the last 10 years.

This typically the result of news & press releases made by the company. In the grand scheme of things, scanners might seem overwhelming, but they aren’t. There are enough pre-loaded layout configurations already created that you don’t need to spend much time “tweaking” your scanner settings. You want to be using similar scanners to other traders in the market, so you are looking at the same stocks as the majority of traders. Scanners, similar to screeners are ways to evaluate stocks based on specific criteria settings.

Conclusion: Trade Ideas vs. ThinkorSwim

Best of all, you can run auto trading with absolutely no coding knowledge. If you want to let Holly manage your portfolio, you’ll have to purchase a software license for the integration program. As the name suggests, it’s considered to be the Holy Grail of financial technology. Mirkin and the other Trade Ideas founders designed this tool for self-directed investors who manage their own portfolios. He got involved with trading at a young age, and that enthusiasm later led him to join the Trade Ideas project.

The Breakouts module is a great place for swing traders to start in Scanz. The Price Breakouts filter allows you to quickly spot stocks that are crossing above or below a moving average, which is a starting point for many swing trading strategies. Trade Ideas is best for dedicated and active traders, especially given the cost of the subscription service.

And above all, these tools are able to keep track of crucial market data thereby ensuring you get in the market just in time and exit when the trend is still valid. is a review and comparison site for stock scanning, screening and filtering tools. We work hard to help people make better decisions, striving to provide independent, well-structured and transparent reviews.

With the Trade Ideas Scanner, it’s all about working smart and efficient. We are going to get into why they are one of the best companies for trading in the industry. With the options window we can know, in real time, where the options volume is exploding. Whether it’s call and put options, we can quickly click on the symbol and the charts will populate and give the user real time data. Options traders look for volatility and open interest for trading opportunities. If you want to see our trade ideas scanner live before you purchase it, join our stock market trading community!

If you are not satisfied with your charts, you can change the average to below 10% or 20%. Ask any Wall Street veteran and they’ll tell you that on any given day, markets are filled with noise. Only those who are able to filter through this noise are able to identify the right candidates to invest in. Now, if you believe in working smart and making the most of your time, these software programs are indispensable. Another way to look at it is by looking at amomentum traderas a surfer who jumps from one wave to another.

The Bear Bull Traders Basic membership with access to the live chat room and every intro- and essential lesson costs $99 per month. For $199, you additionally gain access to the weekly webinars and mentorship and also access to the psychology team. The layouts are so-called Starter Layouts, they are designed for new traders and are meant to serve as a good starting point. The IBKR integration offers trading and portfolio management with low-cost trades directly from Trade Ideas.

Trade Ideas Breakout Scanner

For instance, you could add a rule that limits your scope to stocks cross the daily high resistance point i.e., ones that hit 52-week highs, and so forth. The idea here is that the SMA scanner can spot stocks that have continually sustained a certain trend over time. The beauty about Trade Ideas is that it enables you to do all that either through its pre-built scanners or custom ones. The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. Trade Ideas Pro is one of the most powerful screeners on the market today. Oddsmaker is a great feature that allows you to automatically backtest and optimize parameters of your trading strategies to improve ROI.


A constant flow of trading ideas that never stops throughout the day. Trade Ideas is a cloud-based stock market analysis platform that offers excellent, swift screening and filtering. This screener watches every stock and identifies opportunities in real-time. In addition, trade Ideas, a longtime leader in stock scanning technology, now uses state-of-the-art AI algorithms to backtest every stock.

Hull Moving Average (HMA) Slope – Surfing the Market Waves

Trade Ideas is actively developed, with new features rolling out regularly. We did our initial Trade Ideas review back in 2019 and have updated it multiple times since. You will learn about developing your own methods and not relying on others for trade ideas.

Both of the paid plans come with real-time market data, as would be expected from any stock scanning tool designed for active traders. In the stock market world, it is easy to get overloaded with information, and our brains can only handle so much. A popular strategy is to wait for the morning dip and buy the stock after a pull back to support. Also, for gapping down stocks, it is popular to short a stock when it breaks support. Make sure to watch our Trade Ideas review video on their day trading scanner and see why they are the best stock screener software. In fact, they’re stocks with massive volume, daily breakouts and price action that day traders search for to long or short.

OddsMaker Review: Trade Backtesting

Various trade signal channels and four A.I.-trade signal channels make it easy for new customers to start using Trade Ideas scanner technologies. Trading on a side while working full time is a great idea to boost your income if done right. But it costs a lot of time to analyze the stock market on your own. Subscribing to swing trade alerts can be a big time saver and performance booster. I analyzed more than 20 different services, and here you find the best ones with background info, pricing, and pros and cons. Ninjatrader is a free yet powerful charting platform with market scanning ability.

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